Research Tool

The Oxford Law Citator is a research tool provided as part of a subscription to an Oxford University Press online law service. It helps you save time and obtain better research outcomes by providing:

  • links between related pieces of content, both within Oxford's products and to editorially validated pages on the wider web
  • clear and authoritative citations for use by academics and practitioners
  • sophisticated subject and jurisdictional taxonomies, to help return the information you need quickly
  • easy-to-use browse and search functionality, to help you interrogate, explore, and compare the content

The Citator integrates and links content from Oxford University Press’s online law resources, and provides a record for:

  • every item of content published on an OUP law online service, and
  • items referenced within content published on an OUP law online service

Use the Oxford Law Citator to:

  • find a definitive citation for a piece of legal information
  • find other things that discuss or mention something (e.g. a case, or a legislative or treaty provision)
  • find other items in the same subject area or from the same jurisdiction, and
  • link onwards to reliable full text of relevant sources, on OUP services or the wider web

Included in subscriptions

The Oxford Law Citator can only be accessed by subscribers to one or more of our online Law resources:

  • Investment Claims
  • Oxford Competition Law
  • Oxford Public International Law
    • Oxford Reports on International Law
    • Oxford Scholarly Authorities in International Law
    • Max Planck Encyclopedia of Public International Law
    • Oxford Historical Treaties
  • Oxford Constitutional Law
    • Oxford Constitutions of the World
    • US Constitutional Law
  • Oxford Legal Research Library
    • International Commercial Law
    • International Commercial Arbitration
    • Private International Law
    • Financial and Banking Law

Subscriptions and 30-day free-trials are available to institutions. If you are an academic, professional or a student, you can recommend these products to your Librarian or firm.

Editorial Policy

The Oxford Law Citator is populated as a result of the resolution of links in items of content published on our online services. Adding new records and links forms part of our publishing process and the Citator is updated every day as a direct result of new and updated content becoming available, and of our ongoing work in developing and enhancing the content within our online services.

The Citator dataset therefore generally reflects the subject areas in which we publish content. We also carry out projects to extend and expand the Citator dataset and add value in priority subject areas, to provide more and better targets for links and to increase the links to full text held on external websites.

We use a team of editors who have broad and deep experience of working with this type of content. Automated routines to speed up linking are used only in appropriate, very limited circumstances, and the results are always subject to stringent quality assurance tests by a human being from within our specialist editorial team.

We aim to add links to full text content before publication where possible; however, we see the enhancement of the content to be an ongoing process which continues post publication as more and better information about the target of each link becomes available. We will often continue to add value to the links surrounding a piece of content and to improve the interconnectivity that that content has with other content long after the content itself is published.

We welcome input from our users and would be glad to hear your feedback. If you have any comments, or information that you would like us to consider for addition to the Citator, please do contact us with your suggestion.