What is the Oxford Law Citator?

The Oxford Law Citator is a state-of-the-art navigation tool, available only to subscribers to OUP's online law services. The Citator integrates and links the content of all of our online law resources from Oxford University Press.

The Citator provides a record for:

  • every item of content published on an OUP Law online service, and
  • every reference within content published on an OUP Law online service

The Citator facilitates linking:

  • between content items, and
  • to reliable external sources

Using the Citator

Use the Citator to:

  • find a definitive citation for a piece of legal information
  • find other things that discuss or mention something (e.g. a case, or a legislative or treaty provision)
  • find other items in the same subject area or from the same jurisdiction, and
  • link onwards to reliable full text of relevant sources, on OUP services or the wider web

The Citator Record

Each record in the Oxford Law Citator is made up of three sections;

  1. the Information Panel
  2. the Table of Contents, and
  3. the Links Panel

a. The Information Panel contains a variety of basic information (metadata) for that item. Examples can include an official citation, relevant dates (publication date or date of judgment), ISBN, applicable jurisdiction, or procedural stage

b. The Table of Contents shows the structure of the item to which the record pertains

c. The Links Panel allows subscribers to see the relationships that a piece of legal information has with other pieces of legal information. These links run between related items of Oxford's own content but also to reliable sources outside of OUP's platform on the wider web.

Access the Citator

The Oxford Law Citator can only be accessed by subscribers to one or more of our online Law resources:

  • Oxford Reports on International Law
  • Oxford Scholarly Authorities in International Law
  • Max Planck Encyclopedia of Public International Law
  • Investment Claims
  • Oxford Competition Law

Subscriptions and 30-day free-trials are available to institutions and individuals for all of our resources. If you are an academic, professional or a student, you can recommend these products to your Librarian or firm.

New Look Citator

The Oxford Law Citator has migrated to a new platform with a brand new look and feel and enhanced functionality.

The new user interface means that the Citator is now faster and easier to use, with an improved three-panel layout and improved authoritative linking between content and related items.

Why the Oxford Law Citator?

The Oxford Law Citator helps you save time by providing:

  • Clear and authoritative citations for use by academics and practitioners
  • Easily navigable linking between related items, both within Oxford's products and editorially validated pages on the wider web
  • Sophisticated subject and jurisdictional taxonomies, to help return the information you need quickly